Tuesday, June 8, 2010

At Takashimaya... With our new Uniforms

Sphyntrix Cheerleading Squad 9:28 AM

Sphyntrix Cheerleading Squad 9:24 AM

Thursday, December 17, 2009

basically , this is just an update .
this pictures were outdated i know , after so long .
i figure out the password :) yay ? i know .

so we have been much busy with training thats a fixed day
that is thursday & saturday
im sure you guys know the time ;P

the nationals day show was an awesome tiring one
but indeed ,lots of memories there .

now we have lots of newbies , i will update once i get each and every one of their picture . you know , its hard to take pictures whiel training .

just bear with training , it is intensive one .
for your own's sake .
so as for now , keep training .

for those members taking nationals exam
GOODLUCK & best wishes to ya'll .
and to f2dm , best of luck & hopefully the energy will be retain throughout the competition .
my heart will still be with you all .
i love you guys .

here i am , updating for you guys .
do keep me updated okay . :)


Sphyntrix Cheerleading Squad 11:18 AM

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


heres the update
will be as per normal same time & same day & same place

we all will be very tired
cause we have show back to back
so rest well
for those graduating students in our squad
please study hard while playing hard too
i wish all the best until the end of your N's and O's
dont give up half way

so as you all know on the left side of our box
we have spammers
i hope you guys to just ignore this "clever" person
cause you know , by replying that doesnt makes a different to us .

we will have proper update when we have proper pictures .


Sphyntrix Cheerleading Squad 10:39 PM

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New fresh recruits joined us for practice today!!! And in juz a few hours the newbies are already up and going for stunts...The photo featured is a 2-2-1 with our new flyer at the top!!!!! Great job girls!!! Cant wait for our next practice....Hahahakz...

Now here's a formal welcome to our newly joined members...
Enjoy your stay here with Sphyntrix...the team welcomes all of you!!!!!!!!!!

thats all for today folks,


Sphyntrix Cheerleading Squad 9:09 AM

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

this post is specially for our team mate who is going to serve the nation...hahahakz..who else would it be but Raimi!!! On behalf of the team and friends of the team we'd like to say tak good care of yourself durng the time on the island..dun worry luh its gonna be a breeze..i'm not saying its not gonna be tough..but i'm sure you'd be fine..

most of all make full use of the time in there to learn all the things u need to leaRN...




Sphyntrix Cheerleading Squad 12:08 PM

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey sphyntrix.

Here's a short update just to let you guys know whats going on,

First thing first is, we're gonna have a upcoming performance and we're gonna have a meeting next monday, Please do try to come as we need to know who can or can't perform. =) thanks! Anything pls contact Dinie/Wan Or fadli.

Next up is for everyone, Sphyntrix is gonna have a recruitment drive soon. So please do let anyone of us know if you wanna join! =) YAY! We need new/more people in the squad! Date and time has yet to be confirmed yet. Will update soon to let you guys know. LOVES!

`Shahrul daymie.


Sphyntrix Cheerleading Squad 12:29 PM
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